The years past have been intertwined with different achievements that I was able to fulfill in my professional and personal life. Don’t get me wrong, that path’s (with a ‘’S“) chosen haven’t always been easy. But have given me what I can boast today as a great life.

Always exploring a creative side, I became a graphic artist, photographer, musician then onto sales. The past years also added, becoming a pilot and started writing my first book. In my eternal quest for knowledge, I have come across myself and realized that a lot of what’s needed lies within each of us. All outside influences are merely place holders in your life.

Why a blog?

I want to share with those interested, different elements that supported me in various directions I have taken and still doing so today in my goals. They will range from business to personal and going through these and more:

  • Decision-making
  • Finding your WHY
  • Planning for your goals
  • How to focus on you
  • Music
  • Friends
  • Reading
  • How to fly a plan
  • Arts
  • Photography

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