Get off your Ass and Stop Complaining!

Complaining has become such an epidemic that everybody does it. Nobody really knows or understands why, but almost everybody does it. Complaining is the gateway to excuses and excuses is a gateway to accomplishing nothing. Then, why are we so focused on finding reasons or excuses to complain?

In everyday life, we’re always confronted with all kinds of situations. It can be difficult or maybe less difficult. We all have our own challenges and we all face different obstacles each and every day. But why do we fall into complaining when we don’t get what we want? Instead, forgo all complaining or finding excuses and just do what’s required to get what you want.

Complaining is so easy. You just have to sit back, watch the others and complain that: I don’t possess enough time or money. Complain that: I don’t have the resources. Complain that: I’m not lucky in life and I wasn’t privileged to have the right education. Or just complain to complain.

I often hear people say, “I would have liked to have done that in life, I didn’t have the opportunity”. But each time they got back from work, they did the same thing day in, day out. They sat in front of the TV and binge-watched some TV show instead of maybe investing some time and trying to accomplish what they wanted. Or start working on that side hustle. Then, the next day, they complain they didn’t accomplish anything and they’re tired. Some go to bed at 11:00 or 12:00 at night, but still have to get up early in the morning. What do they do? They complain that they’re tired. Instead of going to bed early and wake up energized, ready for a great day.

When trying to get to what you want in life or what you desire, complaining should be so far on your mind that it never comes up. Do you think Apple was created on complaining? I doubt it very much that Jobs and Wozniak, each and every night watched TV, watched The Jefferson’s or watched The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Then the next day they woke up and complained they didn’t have the time to do what they needed to move forward with their little projects at the time. No. They sacrificed. They put the work in, to assure they move the needle each and every day towards accomplishing what they want.

Yeah, it’s not always pleasant. It’s not always cool not going out with friends for a drink or miss your favourite TV show, to work on a project. But if that’s what it takes to move towards what you want in life, well, sacrifice and stop complaining.

When you decide not to put in actions, what needs to be done to create success or to create momentum in your life, to move to where you want to be, then don’t complain. Don’t complain nothing comes your way without trying. Don’t complain that that raise you deserve never happens, if you don’t ask for it. Don’t complain if you didn’t have the opportunity to increase your sales if you don’t put in place the actions required for growth. Don’t complain when the time comes to put your chips down and look back and you see life didn’t exactly go as planned.

At the end of the day, some will always try to find excuses or reasons to complain about anything and everything. The time you waste complaining is time you will never get back. Don’t forget, there’s only one at-bat in this game that we call life. We don’t have second chances. We can’t start over. Each second that passes, is a second that will never be available again. Then why not start now? You will be rewarding yourself each and every step of the way. You will start to realize that it’s not difficult when you put things into motion and when you take action. First thing you know, you’re living the life you always wanted.

Worst case, you’ll start to create momentum and things will start to happen for you. Then you won’t look back, only look forward and start seeing all the doors open for you. Just because you stopped complaining, you got off your ass and you took massive action towards moving the needle in your life. So get off your ass, stop complaining and do something.