How your Will to Succeed Leads to Achievement


I am grateful to be born with the will to succeed inside me. Yes, I am a believer, a doer, and a go-getter. It is in my being, a silent power that defines my life. Since I was young, my desire to succeed was always present. I am an achiever, winning in areas where my passion and interest lies. I grew up knowing that I thrive on accomplishment and being successful. My burning desire to succeed makes me excited to face each day and embrace the challenges, including the usual routine that is necessary to go forward in life. I will never let that fire burn out. I am ready and willing to open more doors of opportunities to reach all my goals and live the life I want. And while working for them to manifest, I am enjoying my present life and celebrating my small “wins.”


How to succeed?

Not all people have a burning desire to successfully reach the zenith. Only a few reach the top, which means, there are many slots for winners. We can be another Jack Ma, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, or anyone whom we look up to. All these people have one thing in common—grit to succeed. They are creators, they are builders, they are born with the will to succeed.

  1. Be clear about your intentions.

Knowing what you want clears the way and helps you prepare for what’s ahead. You need to know what matters most and develop goals around them. People without clear goals are easily distracted. Goals are like guideposts that help you keep your eyes on the main events in your future life. You have to boldly choose your destiny. For all its worth, intentions are powerful motivators that beckon you to succeed. Connect to your purpose and vision. Use them to fuel your desire to become a better person, employee, boss, parent, friend, or entrepreneur. Your purpose and intentions should be strong enough to sustain you during the ups and downs in your journey to success.

  1. Use powerful, motivating words.

Yes, words are powerful. They can make or break you. They can push, derail, or pull you back to your comfort zone. Impossible, surrender, too poor, not me, vanquished, it won’t work, I can’t, not my fault, not enough time, I will try, are words and phrases that I forbid myself to say. They hold me down, keeping me from going forward. I make sure that I only talk to myself using positive, uplifting, and encouraging words. Self-talk is important to me. It is my way to prep myself up every day, motivating me to be better than yesterday. Words must strongly align with actions, so I choose my words carefully, especially when I am dealing with a setback or facing a difficult task that requires my full attention.

  1. Walk your talk.

As I mentioned, an alignment of words and actions is essential to succeed. Walking your talk requires saying what you mean and doing what you say. Without it, disconnection happens, and you will become frustrated. All talk does not bring great results. You need to act and work passionately. Yes, it is important to be passionate and motivated in whatever you choose to do in life—whether it pertains to your job, career, advocacy, business, or hobby. Your actions give essence to your words and take you in the direction you want. Without actions, there is no success.

  1. Focus.

Focus is power. It gives you clarity and connection with your goals. Your time and effort are important factors to get what you want. It is not easy to keep the focus intact with all the distractions around you, but working through them is a vital step if you want to achieve your ultimate dreams in life. It is also important to focus on things and situations that are within your control. Accept that certain circumstances related to your personal or professional life are beyond your control. If you focus on them, you will feel anxious, unmotivated, unproductive, or unhappy. Instead of giving them the power to hold you back, focus on things that you do best. If the circumstances create changes in the pattern of your life, accept them with an open mindset, and find ways to use them to your advantage. Most of the time, there are silver linings behind the struggles and pains.

  1. Be empowered.

Not taking responsibility is a deal breaker, making the efforts and time you spent doing your tasks will bring you closer to your goals. When you take charge, you are setting your intentions into actions. You become more responsible for every action you make and when things go wrong, you take accountability. You stop blaming others for some messy things that occur in your journey towards your goals. You do not blame yourself either, but work to make things better and avoid the same mistakes that derail you from the path of success. If in the past, you have the habit of questioning yourself when obstacles or doubts arise; now you keep your cool and try other approaches to get what you want. You do not allow your inner critic to steal your power. You do not allow other people to use you for their interests and claim back your power or control over your destiny. Never allow anyone to determine your fate. Know everything along the way, but do not give your power over yourself to others.

  1. Be committed to success.

Success is the sweet fruit of your actions and intentions, never forget to celebrate the small wins and major breakthroughs. You deserve recognition, especially coming from yourself. You need to celebrate every milestone because it pushes you to the next one and helps you plan your next move.


Success is not easy, but it is there for people who are ready to embrace the qualities of success. No one can hand over success on a silver platter. You need to work with passion, commitment, focus, and intention to achieve it. You need to get out of the comfort zone to become the person who wants to be in the next three years, five years, or ten years. Are you all set to follow your destiny and influence the course of your life? Go forth then, your will to succeed is all it takes to keep you moving forward and upward.