My Unfair Advantage…

4 reasons only 8% of us will achieve our goals.

You frequently read here on my blog that setting goals is the cornerstone of a successful life. A life you want to create that is on values you cherish deeply. Then why something simple can be elusive for so many people? How easier can it be? Identify goals and do it.

I want to share with you my unfair advantage I have on how to achieve anything you want in your life. The process is simple. You will even say that you knew all this beforehand. Then why are you still trapped dreaming of a different life and doing nothing about it?

Easy doesn’t compromise the effort required to follow the next 4 steps. Your commitment will be the key to your success. Without it, nothing will evolve into any achievements. You will be part of the 92% that don’t see their plans mature.

Project yourself into your desired future.

Place yourself in a space where you have already achieved the life you want. Immerse in this future lifestyle and create a new mindset. Turn around, look back at the past year and where you were before reaching that new future. Make this exercise a habit. And like all habits, it will become a routine and embed you with this new feeling of accomplishment. Know what you want in life. Don’t leave this aspect to chance and for others to control the outcome. Have a clear and precise vision. Have success before it occurs.

I would ask anyone, and all would be able to ramble on all the things they don’t wish in life. People are so focused on what they don’t want. In the process they lose sight of the dreams, they once had. When the time comes to identify the real desires, they freeze up. Even worst, they can’t even name one.

Focus on that beacon of light you set in your future. Keep focused, take control, create the preferred outcome.

Learn to say NO.

This is a tough one. Saying no involves more than people anticipate. It’s refusing invitations. Not watching your favourite series on TV tonight. It also involves shutting down your phone, emails, Facebook.

Make the difficult decisions in your life that will separate the needle movers from the time wasters. Yes, you fill face some instances that will require you turn down an invitation from a close friend. They will be disappointed with you, more so if this happens regularly. And it should happen more often if the future if you want to make changes in your life. Say NO to time wasters.

If your goals require you drive north, then drive north. Stay off the back roads where distractions want to lead you. Aim your car in the right direction and keep on track. Slamming the brakes and turning around, veering left or right will just put you in the wrong direction. Once you deviate, you will have to 2x, 3x and 10x the effort to get back on track.

Does this road bring me to my goal, bring me to the lifestyle I want, the job I want, the spouse I want to be, the parent I want to be? Will I reach the success, the health and the freedom I want? This road travelled will bring me to the future I created? If it does, trek on. But if it doesn’t, course correct immediately. Learn to say no as quickly and as often as required.

Bring emotions into play.

People create goals without any emotional bond. Resolutions are created each year and don’t realize themselves because no emotions are attached to them. I want to lose weight, I want a new car, I want to travel more, I want this, I want that.

You have to bring your heart into the equation. Without an emotion, you have no reason to accomplish anything. Goals you want to accomplish must have a bond deep within you. With your mind you become tactical and with your heart, the emotions will drive the results. Emotions are the needle movers and bring home the achievements.

Your feelings will anchor the life you want to create deep inside you. When you feel, everything becomes personal and painful when nothing happens. Bring your heart into the game and notice the changes. When you put an emotion behind a goal, outcomes start to change.

Write it down.

This action is often overlooked. No importance is attached to it. People that don’t write their goals are less likely to accomplish them. Taking what’s in your mind and putting it on paper is the greatest action you can take. Having your goal written down also creates liability towards yourself and the people around you.

Suddenly the dream becomes a purpose. What stays in your head will forever remain a dream that will fuel disappointment. When you write it down, you create the first step on the road to success. Everything becomes a reality and possibilities are endless.

Goals aren’t big or small, they’re all achievable. Step in the batter’s box and hit a home run. Don’t be part of the 92%, be part of the 8% that will achieve the objectives they put in place. Go all-in and make it happen!