Challenge Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Do you often challenge yourself to push the boundaries or get out of your comfort zone? If you enjoy the “unknown” and “challenge accepted” activities, you are the kind of person who likes to go forward in your own accord and do not wait for life to happen. You are a driven person. Intentional challenges are positive and inspiring, giving us a sense of euphoria of adventure and self-pride. It is the best way to grow, to survive, and to gain success in life.


The following are some reason you should challenge yourself with.


It lets you control your life.

We must always be challenging ourselves. Life is all about challenges. I cannot imagine going through life without being constantly tested. Without those tests, we will never be able to truly know our potential and where our lives can ultimately go. Remember that you are the only person who can shape your future, so look for challenges that will take you on a journey toward you desired life. Face the challenge head-on by making the right actions and best decisions you believe will mitigate or resolve it.


It increases self-belief and brings personal growth.

You do not grow when you stay comfortable in your own little cocoon. Personal growth comes from overcoming problems or challenges. Just like the butterflies, you need to go through a metamorphosis to become amazing. When you face your current challenges and overcome them with aplomb, your self-esteem and confidence increase significantly. It helps you realize that you are better than you think you are.

Working on the edge taps your potential and trains your skills. In essence, your comfort zone is expanding, and the next set of similar activities will be effortless. The things you feel “too complicated” or “too difficult” help you grow as an individual. You become unstoppable and seek more positive challenges. The uncomfortable situations give you an opportunity to set new goals, reform your habits, and gain different perspectives. By finishing something complicated, you level up one notch to your standards of self-belief, boosting your confidence and becoming ready to embrace more challenges.


“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way” – Marcus Aurelius


It motivates you to accomplish more.

I constantly place myself in situations that challenge my knowledge and capabilities of doing something. Without these challenges, there would be no way for me to test or know if it’s possible for me to accomplish what I set out to do. Seizing the moment is invigorating and motivating. If you felt unmotivated in the past, new challenges will re-motivate you. They make you feel that life is telling you to get up and take yourself to the next level, so don’t miss the opportunity to test your skills and abilities.

Different situations bring change in our lives. Some events make us bitter, but many make us better and more motivated to find the pleasures if living. Your daily choices and decisions will define your future life, so start exploiting the possibilities to grow your personal and professional goals.


It triggers creativity.

Challenges can tap our hidden talents and let us design our own lives. They help us realize that we are capable of creating the life we always wanted. When we find ourselves pushed to the limits, we often dig deep within and discover our true strengths to overcome the challenging circumstances.

Most often, it leads to finding the core passion and goals in life. You learn some hidden aspects that only surface during difficult times, unfolding a new sense of excitement and joy. Whether the results of the risks you are facing are positive or negative, you know that your life will never be the same. You realize that you are more empowered and stronger against the unexpected challenges, prepared to make lemonade when life throws lemons.


It helps you establish and identify your priorities.   

Sometimes life can be crafty, letting us discover our real purpose by testing us without warning. Whether the challenges are personal or professional, that is the gateway to our new life, to the life we always wanted to live, and also to the Peace of Mind that we have all been cherishing throughout our lives. Your ability to cope up and learn from these sudden shifts offer new beginnings or redirection to reach goals faster.

Aim to seek the enlightening lessons from every significant or major challenge in your life. Use it to change your life for the better. Align your professional and personal goals to the new opportunities. Identify your targets and take steps toward them. Challenges are meant to help you see that sometimes what you are pursuing and what you believe will make you happy is not meant for you. Learn the art of discernment and cut the crap out of the way.


It expands your mind and social influence.

When taken positively, challenges will expand your horizon and enrich your life. They open doors to broaden your perspectives and awareness. They fuel your motivation to change old beliefs and throw away negative thoughts. The more you learn, the more you discover about life and the world around you. You gain more understanding by discovering more ways to deal with the problems, engaging in introspective thinking, and growing in all aspects.

As a result, you gain new experiences and become more spontaneous. As you become more curious to discover new things, you go out to meet more people, share your thoughts, and enhance your relationships. Moreover, by competing against people or situations, you grow as a person. You do not grow in isolation or being alone; you need people who can help you and vice versa.


It makes your life more exciting.

If you want an exciting life, be willing to pursue intentional challenges, and accept unavoidable ones. They can be a source of fulfillment, pleasure, and satisfaction. Challenges are presented to us each and every day. Unfortunately for so many, fear pushes aside these challenges just because they fear failure and also how they will look in the face of failure. We should all embrace the challenges that are presented to us.

There is something special and beautiful about finding ways to overcome obstacles. At the start, you can choose activities or goals that are simple. Then, dare yourself to do something more challenging that will give you a greater sense of accomplishment, happiness, and calmness. It may sound strange, but challenges can help you relax better and enjoy life. A predictable life is not only boring but will make you restless because your inner self is seeking more discoveries and more satisfying experiences.

There are countless ways to challenge yourself and stop living a mediocre life. You don’t need to do the extremes like bungee-jumping or climbing mountains. Challenges can be in the form of doing your job faster and better, learning new skills, or going out to serve other people. The key is to find things and activities that are close to your passion and values. Be a part of the solution or take small steps toward your greatest dreams. Just do it and make progress.