Escape Inside You

When our heart stops using the imaginary to travel, our body and our thoughts betray us with a false image of happiness and of a good life. The difficulties of life, the environment and the negative actions we encounter daily, quietly hide, without realizing it, the fun and frivolous side of our lives. Having fun helps us to take with a grain of salt, the trials and obstacles we sometimes face on our journey.

With a state of mind anchored among the problems of the day, little by little we begin to look for happiness and an escape in bad habits. Alcohol, drugs and other activities to escape the present moment cast a thick mist on our soul. We run towards every shiny object. We are all trying not to miss out on what we believe will unleash us from the chains we have tied ourselves with. While ignoring the physical and mental signs that manifests inside us and that they are shouting at us, the path taken will make us lose the meaning of our lives.

The solution is so simple and can also be difficult. Only a desire to change the path we are on, will push us towards a happy horizon. Take a break, close your eyes. Observe how life is beautiful when influences from outside your body no longer manifest themselves. Let mind and body be rocked by the waves of your imagination. Give free rein to your subconscious to transport you to the shores that you have hidden deep within you. The places where your heart carried your mind at a younger age.

Let your heart and your mind bring joy and happiness to you body and soul. Suddenly, the discomforts you generate will disappear.  Repeat this journey every day and watch your life evolve into what you always wanted.