Stop the Bullshit Excuses

Just stop with the bullshit excuses. We always try to find a reason why things are not happening as planned or just not happening at all. Every small little thing that can pass as an excuse, is used to that end. We throw excuses into the wind like there is no end to them in sight. We will always have an endless resource of excuses for anything and everything in our lives that we need to justify not having or achieving.

Let’s face it, you want results, you must take excuses out of your vocabulary. They get in the way of achieving results. Do you think that friend, that decided to lose weight and hits the gym each day for 1.5 hours doesn’t have a possible excuse not to go? He doesn’t always feel like going, but he doesn’t find any excuses not to go. Those that sit each day and meditate for over an hour to create a better mindset and better life don’t find any possible excuses? Yes, they could but they don’t. These people are the ones that succeed in life. They don’t find excuses not to, they just do it. They understand the sacrifices required to reach any goal and have the life they want. Those that thrive in life will go to any length to create success and will never find any excuses. Those that don’t thrive or succeed are the ones that keep telling themselves the same bullshit stories each day and find the same bullshit excuses not to do or get to where they want to be.

This mindset goes for anything you are trying to accomplish. Reaching your sales quota for the quarter, losing weight or going on that dream vacation with your family you have been wanting for so long. Excuses will not get you any of these.

Stop winning that you don’t have time. We all have the exact same amount of time each and daily, 24 hours. I don’t have enough money to do what I what to do. If you really want to achieve that goal, you will find the money. If you don’t, it’s just another excuse. Stop saying you don’t have the knowledge to accomplish what you set out to do, and get the education you require. Register for an online course you can take in the evening. I’m always tired and don’t feel like it. You don’t feel like it? If you wait until you feel like it, we all know that will get you nowhere. Dishing out the bullshit excuses only result in having a bullshit life. A life you keep lying to yourself about. A life that deprives you of the one you really want all because of some lame excuse.

If your goal in life is getting home after work and complaining, you are too tired to do anything, and just end up in front of the TV watching Netflix. Or scrolling through your Facebook feed like a zombie for one hour. Don’t wake up one day all frustrated that you didn’t get the opportunity to do what you wanted in your life and spit out excuses to justify the life you have versus the one you wanted.

There is a fine line between wanting and having. That’s the bullshit excuses created from our bullshit stories that creates the separation. And for some, this separation is like a canyon that seems impossible to cross because of all the excuses. I was dealt bad cards; it’s not in my genes. I had a bad childhood. I’m not a morning person; it’s too hard to get out of bed. I’m too old to start. The list goes on and on.

Each day that you stop finding any excuse is one step closer to crossing that canyon. It’s one section of that bridge at a time that will unite the space between a life lived and one not lived. So stop the bullshit excuses and just go out and do what you really want to achieve.