Make Each Day Count

We put so much attention in the coming of the new year. We attach great importance to the transition between the 31st of December and the 1st of January. This is absolutely crazy when you think about it. Just calm down and notice that nothing sets these two days apart from the other 363 days of the year.

The closer the new year gets, the more we reflect on the past year. All the good and happy things that happened and all the missed opportunities that passed us by. But there is one thing we keep forgetting is the passing of each day.

Like the years that pass, we also have the days that pass. While we reflect on the passing year and we wish each other a great new one, yesterday days fade to nothing. Not enough attention is placed on the individual passing of each day in a year.

More important than to wait for year end, it’s to reflect on the passing days. The opportunities missed during the preceding year are long gone. You waited a whole year to identify them and maybe make some change for the coming year. You wasted a WHOLE year, why? 365 days has vanished without you paying attention. But at year end, boom the fireworks, the parties, the hugs and kisses and the best wishes.

2019? It’s done and gone. One more for the history books. We have just witnessed the end of 2019 and a decade. The dawn 2020 and of the third decade have arrived. To put everything in perspective, stop waiting a whole year to pay attention to the time that has passed. Instead, look at each sunrise and sunset each day. Pay attention to the next day like you would for the new year. Be thankful for each passing hour and keep in mind that it’s easier to adjust your course daily than to wait a whole year to make adjustments.

“Counting even yesterday,” Seneca wrote, “all past time is lost time.”

The daily course corrections you bring to your life’s journey outweigh the changes you want to make happen at the end of each year. In one year, you can change course 365 times. But on a yearly basis, you can only change once and only 10 times in a decade. As you can notice, paying attention to each day is much more important to only once a year. Spread the festivities to each ending day. Give loving attention to each dusk and dawn. Hold the people you love in your arms each night before bed and tell them you love them. If they aren’t close, send a loving thought out to them, believe me they will get you message.

As for all the 31st of December’s, let’s have our New Year’s party to commemorate our accomplishments. These goals wouldn’t realize themselves without daily attention to them. And if some goals were missed, think of the possibilities if you had paid attention to them more often. You would be a different person at year’s end.