10 Mindset Shifts To Achieve Your Ultimate Goal

When I was a kid, I remember being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. Some wanted to be doctors, policemen, firefighters and others wanted to be something else. Our aspirations at this age vary as we grow older. Over time, we abandon our dreams and society indoctrinates us into a conformity aligned with itsexpectations. We leave aside our ultimate goal.

Whether short or long term, each of us has a bucket list of what we want to achieve. To succeed, we must make certain changes in order to prepare to pursue our goal. If you are now ready to take this first step, here are 10 mindset changes you should be aware of.

1 – Focus on Why

If you still remember the previous article about Why the Why, you will recall the impact of how knowing your life’s purpose can make a huge difference. Knowing your “why” gives you direction and allows you to use your passion in order to reach your ultimate goal.

So, how can you focus on your life’s purpose? Bear in mind the things that you can do, what you love to do, and what you can give to other people. By putting emphasis on your why, it will help enlighten your path towards attaining that sweet result.

2 – Focus on making progress

A journey always begins with the first step, and by doing that, your progress already begins. No matter how small or big that progress is, it is still an advancement leading you towards attaining your desired result.

Other goals can be measured by time, and by adding a timeline, it can help you put your best effort leaning towards your goal. For example, you wanted to increase, over and above, your retirement funds. Start by creating a budget timeline so you will have the desired increase for your retirement fund. Then verify it every month to see how your savings progress.

3 – Focus on not stopping

Resilience is something you need to keep moving forward. The road to your goal will not always be easy. Throughout your journey, there are obstacles that will add spice to the route. You should see its challenges as opportunities for improvement, not as a reason to stop.

Many of us have an ultimate goal in our lives. With proper planning, we can achieve our goals, but most fail.

When we ask those who succeeded how they came to accomplish this goal, they say they don’t stop, no matter how difficult.

For those who do not reach their ultimate goal, why was it not a success? Most say that life has intervened, and they begin to take a break. Soon, this break becomes a halt, then finally a complete stop.

The moral of the story is that once you’ve set yourself a goal, never stop chasing it no matter what, no matter how big or small you make progress, you have to keep moving.

4 – Focus on living with intention and motivation

Your motivation will always push you further, and by focusing on that, your journey will be unstoppable. As Oprah Winfrey said, “Intention determines outcomes. And if you’re stuck and not moving forward, you have to check the thought and the action that created the circumstance.”

A self-reflection will be helpful in making sure you are focusing on the right path. By doing so, you will be more confident in defying distractions which may prolong, if not hinder, your journey towards attaining your goal.

5 – Focus on your own strength

Everyone has their own strengths and knowing our potentials makes us able to effectively reach our goal. For others, it is a challenge to know their abilities as they tend to get carried away by the hardships, pushing them further from what they are aiming for.

Exploring new adventures and taking risks are ways to further know yourself and see your capabilities. Learn new things and see if these activities can improve you. Do not limit yourself on things you already know. Try to push further to assess your limits. This way, you will know your boundaries and acknowledge your abilities.

6 – Focus on quality over quantity

Doing more does not always mean well. Putting value in everything you do, no matter how few it is, makes a lot of difference. As defined, productivity is not just about doing more, it is about creating more impact with less work. By focusing on quality, you deliver excellence which in turn will also deliver quality.

Though it is very tempting to accomplish a lot of what’s on our plate in one go, we have to admit that it might also be overwhelming. At work, for instance, be more cautious about which projects to work on and give much more attention to the areas of your expertise. This way, you will be able to deliver great results with your utmost standards.

7 – Focus on not being self-centred and giving value to others

Though it is right that your focus starts within you, it does not mean it only revolves around you. Your value never decreases by giving value to others. As a matter of fact, it increases. Extending a helping hand also lets you gain something in return.

For instance, being always on time whenever you meet up with someone goes to show that you value them as a person and respect their time. When you try being open-minded and emphatic, you will be able to see the world from another person’s perspective. This way, you can understand and assist them better.

8 – Focus on understanding your worth

As a witty writer, Mark Twain, said, “A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.” If you want others to know your value, you should resonate that confidence, energy, and positive attitude. By knowing your worth, you will be able to understand the things you deserve.

There are times that people around you will treat you wrong, especially if you are inexperienced. Just like bullies in school, they tend to pray on those who looked weak and helpless. Don’t let other people treat you badly. Stand up for the treatment you deserve. Show them that you are worthy of respect and appropriate treatment just like everybody else.

9 – Focus on thinking and acting big

Aside from the fear of taking that very first step, people tend to be afraid to look beyond what their eyes can see. They often feel restrained and would want to stay in their comfort zones. When the time comes and a bigger opportunity knocks, they get too scared to open up and reach out for this chance.

Did you see that open position for a manager at work, but are afraid to apply for the position, even if you are qualified, just because you feel you can’t do it? There’s no harm in trying. Indeed, this might be a bigger responsibility, but taking that extra step gets you closer to bigger opportunities that lie ahead.

10 – Focus on seeing failure as a prerequisite of success

Failure is not the opposite of success; it is a part of it. You should see failures as chances for improvement and opportunities for learning. For every letdown we experience, we get lessons that we use in order to reach our ultimate goal. We use it as a stepping-stone we are creating as we go up to our desired result.

If you fail, use that as an opportunity to pause and reassess the situation. Analyze the cause of failure and think of solutions. Never see these faults as the end of the line. Rather, look at them as chances for betterment. Move on after every failure, but remember the lessons you learned.


Changing your mindset to attain your ultimate goal might be tough, and may require more effort than you think it needs. Whenever you are finding it hard to stay on track with your journey towards your goal, remember these steps and look back at the stages you might have missed. After-all, you will not be able to reach your ultimate goal if you don’t start changing your way of thinking right now.