You Have to Love Yourself First


Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and told yourself, “I love you”? It’s a bit weird, but it is one of the major steps towards self-empowerment. A lot of people who tried this simple act felt an overwhelming rush of emotions, attesting to the fact that they forget to truly embrace self-love. This powerful exercise will instantly lift your sense of self-worth and self-acceptance.


Sometimes, it is easy to put others above your needs because you want their acceptance, approval, and love. Unfortunately, not all people will give you what you want or reciprocate your good intentions. When things go wrong, rejections can leave you broken, empty, and unhappy. Here are some powerful statements that you can use as your daily mantras to keep you on your toes and remind you that to love yourself first:



I owe nothing to anyone. Everything I do is for me. Reading this sounds selfish. But taking a step back, I realize that without self-respect and placing value on my own life, how can I realistically serve others?

Everything resolves to my own self. Without any commitment to love myself, have confidence in myself, having pride in my accomplishment without any comparison to others, life would be an empty void at the mercy of others.



Why should you love yourself first?


It is the foundation of a happy life.

Loving yourself first is necessary, a lifeline that will make you more loving and open to healthy, happy, and successful relationships with people in your life. When you start loving yourself more, you project an aura of positivity, joy, and contentment. You attract good vibes, better opportunities, and wonderful people. You know what and who you want and pursue them with enthusiasm. It makes you focus on the positive and believe in your own power to make your life beautiful.


It is a prerequisite of healthy relationships.

Maybe you are familiar with this cliché, Love yourself or nobody will.” It is a reminder to make yourself your priority and take full responsibility for your well-being. If you hate yourself because you feel inferior and unproductive, you are limiting your potential. You need to stop excusing yourself from your shortcomings and mistakes. It is necessary to forgive yourself, once and for all, to reset your life and allow others to see the real you. People will appreciate and love you more when you are genuine and true to yourself. When you accept and love yourself, you encourage others to love you on a deeper level.


It intensifies your capacity to love.

In all forms of relationships, love is the underlying reason why you want others to be happy and well. It’s the same when you begin your self-love journey. You become more sensitive to what you need and what others need. You begin to empathize with people around you, creating a closer bond that brings positive feelings. It also makes you more forgiving and accountable for your actions. Releasing grudges in your heart will open a space in your heart for more positive emotions that enrich your life.


It fuels self-confidence.

When you love yourself, you know what you deserve. You do not settle for the second best, but the very best. Loving yourself first makes you more aware of your abilities, talents, and potential. You are more confident to face the world every day, knowing that you contribute something good and positive to people’s lives. You become more motivated and productive at work, not minding the detractors who are always trying to pin you down. Granted, there are times when you don’t feel like facing the world, but because you love yourself, you get up and improve yourself. You know that only one can do it for you, only you.


It makes your life more satisfying.

Having a healthy sense of self-love gives you a more satisfying and fulfilling life. It’s because you know that you can create your own happiness. You stop relying on anyone to do it for you, reclaiming control over your destiny. You also become more open-minded and do not expect others to give the same level of love you give to them. When someone reciprocates your affection, you know that you deserve it and work to make the relationship long-lasting. You are comfortable where your life is right now, not minding if you are alone or in a relationship.


It makes saying “No” easier.

When you love yourself first, you begin to realize that time is precious and you want to spend it doing things that you enjoy or be with people who love you. It becomes easier to say “no” to things and tasks that do not add value to your life or well-being. You stand firm with your decisions and choose your well-being and happiness first. And because you are no longer afraid that people will not love you back or get angry when you refuse to give in to their demands or requests, your life becomes lighter.


It helps you make healthier and better choices.

When you start your self-love journey, you become more aware of healthier choices to improve your overall quality of life. You eat more nutritious foods, get adequate rest and sleep, and exercise, knowing that excellent health is vital to obtaining all your life goals. Changing your lifestyle habits makes you look better, feel better, and perform better.


It makes you the captain of your life.

Loving yourself first will help you realize the power of choice and being in charge of the direction you want to pursue. You have the freedom to do what you wish to or when and how you want it to happen. It means weighing all the consequences of your decisions to create your dream life. You know that this time around, all your choices are aligned with your values and goals.


It makes you more accepting of the bad days.

You acknowledge that life seems unfair and complicated, but you do not blame yourself for what is happening. You refrain from wallowing in self-pity or trying to force yourself out of the situations. You allow bad days to serve you the important lessons, finding the silver lining to grow and learn. You count on yourself to stay motivated, becoming your own cheerleader to break the boundaries that lead to realizing your dreams.


The journey to loving yourself first may not be easy at first because you have to defeat your worst nemesis—yourself. But as you go through the process, you also allow healing that helps you move forward and live your life to the fullest. So, keep going and give yourself lots of SELF-LOVE!