Knowing Doesn’t Make You Better


The future depends more on what you do today and every day, not on what you know or say. You know that you have to change your current lifestyle to improve your health but keep procrastinating because it means stopping your usual habits. You know that an emergency fund is essential, but always fail to save regularly. The list goes on. Instead of doing what you know, you just talk about it and delay action.

Remember that in life, those who act on their knowledge become more successful than those who simply think about it. The only way to live a wonderful life is to act with purpose and enthusiasm. Knowing will not make you a better, successful, healthy, and happy person. You need to take action to make a difference.


Knowing Versus Doing

There is huge big gap between knowing and doing. We all boast that we already know it when someone talks to us about a specific subject. We are quick to say, “I know that.” We also often brag that we read so many books. What is the use of all this knowledge if not put to good use? If not used to our advantage, the knowledge gained by reading books, listening to speeches, and reading articles are just another story or fiction among things we see and read about that could help us. We simply brush aside all of this powerful knowledge. It becomes part of our rhetoric. It gives us the opportunity to say I know without really knowing. We substitute remembering with knowing. We know the content of what someone is talking about because we read about it or heard it before. That doesn’t make us an expert.

The gap between knowing and doing closes when action is taken from what we have learned. Reading about how to become a great athlete doesn’t make you one. I had the knowledge on how to pilot a plane. But until I actually learned and practiced piloting, my knowledge didn’t make me a pilot. I had to take action to become a pilot. Taking action is what bridges the gap of knowledge and fulfillment. We can remain knowledgeable or take action to bridge that gap. Our lives are waiting for us to take massive action and fulfilling our life’s purpose.


Seven ways to act on what you know


1. Start today

If you think that you are behind the race because a lot of your colleagues and friends are enjoying the fruits of their hard work, you are wrong. You can start creating the kind of life you envision to have in the future. Today is the day, act now. Be the person you desire to be. Create your reality.

Stop saying that you are busy. Yes, you need to work for your sustenance, but working without an honest purpose is not real work. As Thomas Edison once said, “Seeming to do is not doing.” You need goals that will drive you to utilize your passion, talent, creativity, and knowledge to reach your short-and-long terms goals.

2. Celebrate small wins

Winnings are manifestations of your positive actions. Remember that small wins ignite the energy to pursue greater wins. One of the results of small wins is a “confidence boost.” You become more self-assured and confident in your skills or talents when you gain recognition. It makes you more excited to achieve more.

Remember that you cannot reach the top of the mountain without climbing and overcoming the dangers from the bottom. It is necessary to act one at a time, focusing on your objective with razor focus. Your incremental steps now will help you gain monumental results. Accomplishments come in small and big pieces, so keep acting on your dreams.

3. Forget perfection, focus on your excellent results

Working to gain perfect outcomes is simply exhausting and impossible at all times. It often leads to procrastination and overthinking, resulting in perennial stress and mental fatigue. When you overthink and focus your mind to create a perfect result, you are subjecting yourself to bouts of extreme fatigue, anxiety, and stress. Forget about perfection and just focus on doing your best.

Instead of focusing on perfection, why not work and strive to gain outstanding accomplishments. Actions produce momentum and energy, making you more productive as you work on your tasks and goals. Action means actively taking steps on your ideas and thoughts. It involves sound planning and making concrete steps to carry out the plans. It requires mental and physical effort.

4. Write down your goals

Putting your ideas on a piece of paper is necessary to prompt yourself to act on them. The written goals will remind you of the essential actions you need to do to realize your future goals. Knowing about what you want in life is good but making them come true is the key to your best life. Writing them down is just the initial step; you need to overcome the hump and pursue them.

You need to stick to your plans and work with focus and consistency. If you like to lose weight, you do not just think and imagine yourself shedding off the excess weight. You work to achieve a slimmer, healthier body by doing workouts and eating better. Action needs personal commitment. No one can live your best life for you, so do something to attain your dreams.

5. Be accountable

Action always has a consequence that impacts the human experience. You create your own reality with your thoughts, actions and behaviours. You set the sails and steer your life wherever you want, so make sure to take positive actions to gain positive results.

Taking responsibility for your life means acting out your thoughts and feelings. However, life can throw curves and broken lines that will constantly challenge your journey, making it necessary to manage your everyday stress and responses to various situations. Stop blaming others for your misfortunes or failures. Do not also blame yourself. Blaming chains you in the victim mentality, which can lead to a refusal to alter your situation. By being accountable and eliminating blame, you shift from being a victim to a victor.

6. Stop complaining

You probably know that constant complaining is also playing the forlorn victim. It is also a means of showing off that you know more but remains to be stuck with the situation as if there is no choice. The truth is, there is always a choice. Complaining only shows that you focus on what is lacking or your mistakes. You do not deprive yourself of seeing the potential opportunity behind the situation, the important lessons from the misfortune, or the bigger picture that will catapult you to success.

Remember that there is always a silver lining. You have a choice. You know yourself, so use your skills and talents to move forward and upward. Stop taking everything personal. Instead of overthinking about the issue that concerns you, act by asking relevant questions to understand the situation better. Learn more and do more; the combination is very liberating and empowering. It leads to unending surprises and realizations about life and other people.

7. Do what is right and what makes you happy

Stop comparing yourself to other people because it might inflate or deflate your self-esteem. Take charge of your own life and do your own thing. Each person is unique. Each has his own time to shine, which depends on how he lives his life. Stop thinking that you are smarter, more intelligent, or more talented. Use your knowledge to make yourself happy, motivated, and productive.


Doing something for your future is what truly counts. Make your life beautiful and worth emulating by walking your talk and doing what you know will give you a cutting edge in the competitive world. Bridging the gap between knowing and doing is the only way to gain success.