3 Reasons to Live Now!

3 Reasons to live now.

No this won’t be a doom and gloom article on the reasons to live today because tomorrow might never arrive. I’ll leave that to the pessimists out there. I will cover the 3 reasons to live now. When I mean now, it’s to look at time standing still. Not moving backwards or moving forward. Time being the element of your happiness, joy and the catalyse of all emotions and feelings. Now shapes your life.

When you look at it with an open mind, it’s pretty easy to distinguish today as the only important part of time in your life. Unless any of you has found the way to go back in time or jump forward in time, there is nothing else then today.

1-The past stays in the past.

The word says it « the PAST ». There is such a tendency to look at the past as the end all reference to our future. The past is used so often, let me correct, to often as a basis to analyse or predict the future. Why do we cling sooo much to the past? Because it’s easier and more confortable to assume you know what will happen beacause of past experiences, then to see your future as an unknown part of life. The unknown isn’t confortable.

Living in the past creates a life of predetermined events that you release you energy to and you loose your control on the present. Yes loose your control on the present, why? Because you base decisions and actions on what has already happened. You let the past control your actions and you. Staying focused on your past will slowly make you slip into depressive state. Always wondering what would have happened.  I should have done that. I would like to go back and change my past. You see where I’m going with this? To many people wast their energy on their past. They analyse it like a lab experiment trying to find that elusive formula that could be used to help create the future.

All this energy is wasted on things you can’t change. So why place importance on the past? Just let it go. I’m not saying that there is no importance to it. On the contrary, the past is important. It’s important when transformed into wisdom. Wisdom is defined as “the soundness (or quality) of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgment.” This is what makes your past important when transformed into wisdom. We often hear the expression ‘’the wiser the better.’’

Transform your past into wisdom and stop putting your energy in the past. Release it and stop living in the past. Leave the past in the past. there is nothing you can do to change it. Let it go!

2-The future doesn’t exist.

Oups! Sorry to blow the punch line. Yup you read it wright, the future doesn’t exist. It has never existed and will never exist. You will never be in the future. Even if you find a way to time travel to your future, you won’t be in the future at that time, you will be in that present. You will have control of that present moment and not the future. We can see signs of things that might happen in the future. The key word here is ‘’might’’ happen. No one can know if it will happen, it the future,and hasn’t happened yet. So actions today can reshape the future as we see it now.

When an event you foresaw in the future happens, it is not in the future anymore, it’s now in the present. Some of you will say ‘’you oversimplify this.’’ Yes your 100% correct. Why do I oversimplify what the future is? Because we have no control on what will happen in the future. A future event that manifest itself in the present is a result of present actions that shape future outcomes. I use the plural of outcome. We aim for one absolut outcome. But beacause we don’t control the future, many possible results can happen. There is absolutely no way to control the future. Even if you take action today on things you would like to happen in the future, there is no guaranty that it will happen exactly as planned. You do put more opportunities on your side for it to occur, but you still don’t have any control on it. Something can take place to side track that possible future event and you will be placed in a situation to react at that present moment. Again you will be in the present moment and not in the future.

Living in the future can create anxiety in many people. Anticipating future events, feeling unrest or uneasy about things to come. Seeing negatively what could happen in the future. This a byproduct of focusing on the future. Putting your energy in trying to determine or predict what will happen.It will drain you and make you feel uncomfortable. You will lose sight of what is important, today.

Stop focusing on what can happen and put your energy on the present. This will open the doors to events that could shape your desired future. But keep an open mind that thing will not always shape up to become exactly as you would like.

3-The present is where your life is lived.

The one place that is important, is the present. Placing your energy in the present moment will give you the freedom of decision that will reveal you to any possibility. While you are placing your energy in the present and letting go of the past, not anticipating a predetermined fate, clarity will start to come over you.

Place your attention on the things that are important for you today. It is where every actions that you decided to act upon, will shape your life. Every small thing that seem so un obvious to the grand scheme of thing, are the catalyse to a wonderful life.

Joy and happiness is felt today at this moment. Sadness and sorrow is felt today at this moment. You have total control on what is happening at this moment and your actions. Those actions shape the next moment, day, week and year. Unlike the past and the future, you have control in the now. Ok, ok, I hear you saying that; what if someone else or an external event out of my control happens, I don’t have control then! No you don’t have control of external event. But you do have crontrol of how you will react or feel about that external event. At that moment, you will take action accordingly. Your are suddenly back in control, now!

You see, everything happens in the present moment. And doing so, living in the NOW, you dismiss the depressive state of always living in the past and trying to find an explanation of what is happening to you today. Or, the anxiety of anticipating a future you would like to have instead of maintaining focus on the actions that need to be taken in the present moment to reach a future that echos your ideal vision of your life.

When you live in the NOW, everything slows down. You enjoy every little thing. Time seems to stand still. Nothing else matters but what is around you, what you are feeling, what your are seeing, smelling. All your senses are awake and vibrant. Then, along comes the next day, and the adventure continues.

Live NOW!