Words and The Power They Have Over You


Words are powerful. They can shape and influence your perceptions, pushing you into a different direction that is not your liking. The power of words arises from the emotional responses that you manifest when you hear, speak, or read them. They can even trigger energetic reactions that can alter your life positively or negatively.

How many times do you cut yourself short by saying “I could do it but,” “I would do it but,” or “I should do it but.”

Should, would, and could, are the words that deter you from reaching any desired lifestyle. These simple words go unnoticed and have a deep cutting impact on our lives.


The Scary Power of Words

Internal dialogue is normal for most of us. We use powerful and motivating words to prep ourselves against what life throws to us. However, the language or the words you use have a profound impact on how you make decisions, show up to the world or live your life.

Your choice of language can limit, disempower, and weaken you on the inside. Could, would, should, never, but, need, and try are some of the limiting words that need to be deleted from your vocabulary. You may not notice it but using them in your everyday communication narrows your choices, possibilities, and options.


When you use “should,” it implies that there is a right or wrong way to do something and you are unsure of what to follow. Using should, sends a message that you are not in control or you do not want to do something. Oftentimes, it means that you are not capable or worthwhile. The word signifies your lack of acceptance. It is disempowering.

Should I stop drinking so much or, I am stopping to drink so much. Even if these two sentences seem to convey the same message, one is in the hypothetical realm and the second in concrete actions. Phrase 1 or 2 will generate change?

To gain back control, replace “should” with a word or phrase that shows that you got it covered like “I am.” My example above is a simple display of how a simple word can define your choices and decisions. By using a positive statement that has an empowering word, you are taking full ownership of your action and reinforcing your freedom.


Using “could” weakens your image, setting yourself up to fail because you lack the power to do something. It may also mean that you are giving up even before trying. This term implies a lack of self-control, helplessness, or low self-esteem. “Could” also blocks your creativity, increase your stress level, or steal your ability to solve problems objectively.

I could start exercising more or I am starting an exercise schedule today. What will bring you the best health benefits? You wait for your body to force you to start or worst, disease will.

Instead of “could,” choose to make a commitment and use “I am.” It signifies a preference or choice to do something significant and positive. You are now asserting your self-control and it boosts your confidence to do the right or better option.


Using “would” imply that you believe you can but changed your mind and did the opposite or did nothing because you were unsure. It also implies that you have taken a decision that you regret making. It is such a disempowering term that displays not-so-smart choices in life.

My life would be better if my mindset were more positive. My stress level would be lower, and I would accomplish more in my day.

Rather than wallowing in what happened because of a bad decision that makes your life a bit heavy, disempower the word by setting positive intentions that will change your life. Stop the habit of using should, would, and could in a negative context. You can reframe them or discard them from your daily statements. Stop repeating them again and again.

These words in no way foresee any positive outcome. The words hang in time like the wind blowing in any direction. I am accomplishing more in my day with less stress and a positive mindset. The effort required to change is as simple as replacing a few words in a sentence.

Use your words to shape your life remarkably and beautifully. Let them empower you and help you manifest the life you want for yourself. Let the energy of your words motivate you instead of keeping you in your comfort zone.


What to do?

Words are powerful tools to improve your life and personal energy. Harness their power by consciously picking the right and positive words that will benefit you.

Stop self-criticism or name-calling

Be kind to yourself. Stop calling yourself a failure, a mess, or a loser. Do not keep repeating self-condemning statements that use could, should, and would. Give yourself the same compassion and empathy that you give to others.

Stop self-deprecation

If you are fond of making a joke of your accomplishments or your body, stop. Words have quantum energy and power to define your beliefs and perceptions. You should be the first one to celebrate your life and achievements. Do not compete or compare yourself with others.

Practice a “negativity” diet

Instead of saying that you should, you could, you would, why not reframe them into something that will make you take positive action. I am

Surround yourself with uplifting words

Affirmations will help you become more positive. Say something wonderful about yourself. Accept the compliments of other people. Wear clothes that convey a positive phrase or message. Let these words generate a positive vibe around you.

Boost the energy of positive words

Get rid of negative words. Stop saying negative statements. Ramp up your positive energy by using words that imply positivity like terrific, fantastic, great, wonderful, and so on.

Commit to living a positive life

Commitment is empowering. If you decide to get rid of the disempowering terms from the statements you say, you need to replace them with positive ones. Quitting is not an option. Do not be afraid to make choices.


  • Be mindful of what you say. You need to be present and catch yourself when you begin using disempowering words. Do not blame or shame yourself. Simply change the context of your statement to create a positive message.
  • Practice. As the cliché goes, Practice makes everything perfect.” So, keep up the effort consistently. Make a habit of reciting positive affirmations. Every time you use empowering words, congratulate yourself.
  • Shift your attention. Identifying the disempowering words and omitting them is necessary. Focus your attention on empowering words that will help you gain control of your life, make better choices, reframe your perspectives, or understand situations.
  • Focus on the benefits. An empowering language will make you more accepting, passionate, confident, healthier, and smarter. It takes time to see great results, but consciously choosing your words will bring more positive benefits to your life.


Challenge yourself to speak from a place of control and choice. Use words that will empower your decisions, choices, and life in general. Consciously omit negative words that imply negativity. As you practice this choice, you are opening a great opportunity that broadens your influence and builds a lot of possibilities. Lastly, reframe your reality by speaking with powerful words that bring out the best in yourself as well as others.